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WCS Wooden Sparrow Trap Birdhouse

Product Code: NWSSTWH

Price: $38.00

The WCS™ Wooden Sparrow Trap Birdhouse is the perfect tool for control of pesky sparrows, whether they are in an enclosed space, robbing your bird feeder, or invading bluebird boxes. It looks like any other birdhouse but conceals a hidden trap! Inside is a spring-loaded door that snaps shut when a sparrow enters and lands on a perch positioned beneath the opening. The door has a fluorescent orange sticker affixed to it so you can tell when the door is closed. The opening in the trap measures 1.25 inches, which is a perfect size for sparrows. Overall trap dimensions are 9”H x 5”W x 5.5”D, and each one includes a mounting bracket and detailed instructions.

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Sparrows are cavity dwellers, hang trap anywhere nuisance sparrows are a problem. 

The trap is accessed  by rotating a pin located on the side of the box which releases the front of the birdhouse  to swivel outward. All pieces are glued and fastened with non-rusting hardware.  When you are done removing sparrows, the trap inside can be easily removed by loosening the two mounting screws. The trap can then be used as a conventional birdhouse.

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Dimensions: 9"H x 5"W x 5.5"D
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WCS Wooden Sparrow Trap Birdhouse

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