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Bait Cap - T - Horizontal

Product Code: NWSTCP1

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Bait Cap or "bite piece" used on the Collarum® trigger. This "T" shaped plastic piece offers a wider biting surface for the canine to pull on and has greater eye appeal.  The Bait Cap is hollow so it can be packed with your favorite canine bait and/or wrapped with adhesive tape or vet-wrap to absorb more of the bait odors and then smeared with a paste form bait.
Before placing the Bait Cap on the trigger of the Collarum® it is best to cut a "V" shaped notch in the front side with a pair of tin snips so the bite piece can be placed fully on the stainless triggering bar. Drill a small hole on each side of the bite piece and place a single strind of wire through it and the triggering bar so the animal cannot dislodge it.

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Dimensions: 1/2"T x 2"W x 3" H
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Dog
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Bait Cap - T - Horizontal

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