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Beaver Sites and Sets by Paul Dobbins (DVD)

Product Code: NWSV003

Price: $33.00

Beaver Sites & Sets by Paul Dobbins - This video shows beaver sets according to the sites encountered.  Since this is a site based DVD production, each site will be evaluated to determine the  best sets for the site. Once the best sets have been chosen, Paul shows in detail the  construction of the chosen sets. You'll have no trouble picking the best sets for the best sites after you've followed Paul around on his A.D.C. contract work.
Next in the sequence will be checking these sets until done with each site. A conclusion will be given to each site and each site is finished before advancing to the next site. This DVD shows and explains in detail the construction of sets using footholds, bodygrips, and snares. The appropriate use of lures and visual attractors is discussed also.

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Dimensions: 109 minutes
Target Species: Beaver,Otter
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Beaver Sites and Sets by Paul Dobbins (DVD)

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