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PC-3 Pitch Controlled Variable Predator Mouth Call

Product Code: PC-3

Price: $9.25

The PC-3 Variable Predator Call is a pitch controlled predator call. It reproduces rabbit distress and "Close In" squeaks. Weather Resistant.


Several extremely effective sounds can be reproduced with this very popular call.

With a combination of lung pressure and biting pressure, you can reproduce close-in squeaks or long range raspy cottontail squalls.

Cupping your hands tightly, forming a sound chamber over the barrel opening, will create a raspier squall as you open the voice channels while blowing into the call.

By biting down firmly and slightly opening the voice channels while quivering your jaws, an effective high pitch "bird" sound can be made.

Voice channels and reed can be removed for cleaning and reassembled for a tuned sound created by our pin hole system.

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PC-3 Pitch Controlled Variable Predator Mouth Call