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Tunnel Mole Trap

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The Tunnel Mole Trap, also known as the 'half barrel mole trap' is a very traditional solution to a common garden problem. The trap is set, then placed in the mole run, and is triggered when the mole passes through it, killing it instantly. Easy to set - ideal for use by professionals or amateur users. Developed with veterinary practitioners and experienced mole catchers in the U.K. to offer the most humane kill.
New improved spring strength - 30% stronger. Manufactured from galvanized steel to prevent corrosion. Dual setting means the trap is triggered from whichever direction the mole enters.

Directions for Use:

Have the trap set and ready to be placed in the ground before opening the mole tunnel.

1. Locate the mole run & dig a hole just big enough for the trap to fit.

2. Carefully press down on one of the setting arms so that it touches the roof of the trap.

3. Locate the hook onto the setting arm.

4. Straighten the triggering ring so that the setting arm is held by the arm's hook.

5. Repeat the process with the second setting arm.

6. Position the trap in the run, oriented along the line of the run, and ensure you allow enough space for the trap springs to fully operate.

7. Mark the location of the trap ready for checking and make sure you CHECK THE TRAP according to all State and Local Laws.



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Dimensions: 3.5" x 6"
Target Species: Mole
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Tunnel Mole Trap

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