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DeTour for Rodents - Case (12-10 oz. tubes)

Product Code: PX1001C

Price: $240.00

DeTour is a rodent management tool. This is the first FIFRA 25b exempt rodent bio-repellent and it has applications for interior and exterior rodent management applications for cleanouts, maintenance and preventive programs.

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What is DeTour Rodent Repellent?

DeTour Rodent Repellent is a CONTACT repellent. DeTour will not harm rodents. It is a contact irritant. In order for it to work it must be placed in areas where rodents will come in contact with it and get the product on them. Once a Rodent has come in contact with the product they will desire to exit the structure and will start looking for ways to get away from the area.

Most rodent control programs are very static relying in mechanical devices or baits set at regular intervals. DeTour is dynamic – the user needs to think their way through the application, consider all the dynamics and develop a strategy to either drive rodents away from the structure or use the product in combination with the existing equipment to enhance the current program.

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Dimensions: 12 - 10 oz. tubes (295.735 ml)
Active Ingredient: Fumed Silica
Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for your assistance through my first bat job. My knee jerk reaction with bats has always been to not get involved. Bats being protected and loved, the potential extreme reaction from certain sections of the public, along with little knowledge of any successful control practices are enough to keep even a 28 plus years experienced technician away from anything having to do with bats.

After some research and advice from Dr. Ray Thompson about your “green product” I dove into the project here in Marshall Texas. I experienced an eighty percent reduction in bats overnight. A couple of small follow-up applications finished off the job, and the customer and I were very happy. The “Detour for Rodents” provided a win, win, win situation for the City of Marshall Texas, Gecko Pest Control and the bats.
Gecko Pest Control, Marshall, TX.
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DeTour for Rodents - Case (12-10 oz. tubes)

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