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Reaper Body Grip Stabilizer

Product Code: REAP110

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Securely position your body grip traps with the Reaper Body Grip Stabilizer.  Works on all body grip traps from 110 size to 160.  Allows you to position two traps; one on the "bottom edge"; one on the "top edge" if desired.  Easily adjust the traps to changing water levels and conditions by loosening the plastic knob on the rear of the Reaper and sliding up or down on your stake or rod.  Trap can be positioned with the spring up or down, to your liking.

Works on 1/2" rebar, fiberglass rods or even a wooden stake or dowel.  Simply position your stake in the ground, attach your body grip trap to the Reaper by positioning the jaws in the grooves of the metal clip and slide the Reaper over the stake. Tighten the retaining nut, and you're ready to go !

We've never seen a more simple or versatile positioning device for the smaller sized body grip traps. Will deliver years of service. 

Great in culverts, wing walls, bridge abutments or just along a stream or river edge. Now place the trap where you need it, EASILY !

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Weight: .10 lbs. each (39 g)
Target Species: Mink, Muskrat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Reaper Body Grip Stabilizer

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