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Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Professional Coyote Methods" DVD

Product Code: REU745

Price: $34.95

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Advanced Professional Coyote Methods" DVD takes you along on Lee's professional trapline.  This is an advanced continuation of the "Coyote Methods" DVD and contains all new footage.

This DVD focuses on a wide variety of different sets and where they are used.  The new variations compliment the standard dirt hole.  These variations will help give you an advantage in high pressure trapping situations.  You follow a true professional fur trapper on his line and see the additional methods he uses on his trapline.

Lesel caught 458 coyotes during his 2014/2015 season.  The sets, baits and lures and techniques he uses are proven through his consistent catches.  Enjoy the information and scenery you will see in this fantastic DVD.  1 hour 35 min.

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Dimensions: 95 minutes
Target Species: Coyote
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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