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RK Snare Supports - Frozen Ground (Dozen)

Product Code: RKSSS-12

Price: $19.95

RK Snare Supports are one of the best and widely utilized support systems on the market today. Very easy and simple to use. The RK Snare support has made positioning that snare loop extremely easy with 13 inches of #9 wire wrapped and welded to a 16inch 1/4" steel support rod.  The 4 inch spike which is welded to the bottom of the rod is off-set, making it easy to pound into hard or frozen ground. Grip the top of the spike with vise-grips for removal from frozen soil.
To Use: Drive the 4" spike into the ground at the desired location. Bend the 13" #9 wire into the desirted position, such that the wammy on your snare fits onto the very end of the wire and holds your snare loop where the target animal will pass through it. Be sure to anchor your snare cable securely and separate from the support wire.

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RK Snare Supports - Frozen Ground (Dozen)

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