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WCS™ Corn Dog Paste Bait (raccoon & skunk)

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Corn Dog Paste Bait reminds you of late summer when the sweet corn is bursting with flavor and the aroma around the fields is one of corn silk. This has been spiked with a super sweet curiosity undertone and is highly attractive to both coon, opossum and skunk. It contains a generous amount of golden cracked corn and has proven very effective on rodents, i.e., mice, rats, etc. As with all the "Premium Grade" baits it won't dry out and appears almost wet !!
Please Note: This product is an attractant ONLY, not a poison. Not for human consumption.

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Target Species: Raccoon,Skunk,Opossum
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WCS™ Corn Dog  Paste Bait  (raccoon & skunk)

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