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Kritter Cap for Rodent & Insect Exclusion

Product Code: SCI354

Price: $37.50

Kritter Caps are the perfect fit to install in Vinyl-Sided Corner Caps where rodents, bats, insects, and other pests like to travel.  They basically snap into place so no tools are necessary. They are self-secured (dab of silicone caulk optional) and are completely hidden once installed.  As caps are hidden and not seen once installed, color may vary depending on plastic available during each production run. (Orange shown for display purposes only)  Start using Kritter Caps for a professionally finished appearance. (Pack of 10)

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Kritter Caps come conveniently packaged in units of 10.   

These simple-to-use plastic inserts will help prevent:

  • Mice and other rodents crawling up the corner caps and potentially accessing the attic space.
  • Infestation of Bees, Wasps, and other stinging insects.
  • Dogs destroying corner caps while chasing after rodents.
  • Cold weather drafts that drive up heating costs.

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Kritter Cap for Rodent & Insect Exclusion

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