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Slide Wires (Dozen Pack) Avail. in 3 Lengths

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Slide Wires or Cables (DOZEN PACK) are offered in three different lengths to fit whatever situation you may encounter. Some folks call these drowning cables. The cables are constructed of robust 1/8" galvanized aircraft cable to resist bending and kinking, and have a moveable loop at each end to attach to anchor points. There is a piece of flat stock steel bent at 90 degrees that only slides one-way on the cable.  Slide cables are most typically used for water set applications, although they can be used to move land captured animals away from set locations and into a hidden location, i.e. alongside a roadway.
Slide Wires - How to Use:

These slide cables have a moveable loop at each end of the cable for attaching to anchor points. Choose a location near where you want to set your trap, no more than 10 - 12 inches, and anchor the slide wire by closing the loop over a stake either that you have driven or that exists at the location.  Make sure the 90 degree "lock" is up near where the anchor point is, this is where you are going to attach your trap chain.  Extend the slide wire its' full length and either stake, use a long pole driven into the mud, or attach a bag or rocks, but make sure the cable is fairly taut and that it is free of obstructions along its' length. 

Then using an S-hook or quick link or even wire attach the trap chain to the hole in the 90 degree bent "lock". Bed your trap and your set is complete.  Before leaving the set make sure the lock slides freely on the cable. It will only travel in one direction....away from the set location.


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Dimensions: 8 , 10 , & 15 foot Lengths
Wire Gauge: 1/8" Aircraft Cable
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Slide Wires (Dozen Pack) Avail. in 3 Lengths

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