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Snappy Snare (stainless)

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Snappy Snares (stainless) are practical, affordable and very popular. We’ve literally sold thousands of these resilient snares. By virtually eliminating the risk of being bitten and scratched by frightened pets, these Snappy Snares have become a must-have for technicians worldwide. This product truly offers the quickest and most gentle way to catch pets. Backed by a 100% guarantee, we encourage you try one.

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49” and 65” Snappy Snares

The Snappy Snare is held with one hand leaving the other hand free for balance and to help catch the animal. Pull the ring down the shaft and hold with thumb or forefinger. When the hoop is over the animal’s head release the ring and snap your wrist or pull away from animal.  The 49” and 65” stainless models are intended for larger, evasive, fear-biting animals. They are less invasive to frightened animals than a Rabies Pole. These sizes work quite well in larger kennel cages and runs. You’ll discover that most dogs are happy to comply once they’ve been snared.

Note: Snappy Snares are not intended for aggressive, charging animals. The Ketch-All Pole is the best product for vicious, unpredictable animals.

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Dimensions: Two Lengths: 49" & 65"
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Snappy Snare (stainless)

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