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Comstock Door Setting Tool

Product Code: TLTCDS

Price: $19.95

Comstock Series Traps have powerful trap doors.  This tool makes setting the trap door easy by allowing you to lift the door with one hand and set the door trigger hook with the other.  The Comstock Door Setting Tool not only makes setting the Comstock powered door cage traps fast and easy. it allows for the easy release of captured animals too.  The handle keeps your hand up and out of the way, well above the trap as the trapped animal exits the cage.  To be used on all Comstock 9X11's, 12X12's, and beaver traps.

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Dimensions: 11"L x 3"W
Weight: .5 lbs.
Mesh Size: 1/4" Steel Rod
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Comstock Door Setting Tool

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