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Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole - 12cc (47" Long)

Product Code: TSP47-12

Price: $63.95

This syringe pole / pole syringe, allows the user to fill syringe and deliver up to 12cc of fluid per shot while working the plunger of the syringe in and out from rear of pole.  (will pass through a 3/4" opening).

Included with each Syringe Pole:
Six 1" long needles ( 16 gauge )
Two 12cc monoject syringes
Two rubber boots (for plunger)

1. Rubber plunger attaches to the inside tube on front of pole.
2. The 12cc syringe slides over plunger and twist onto threaded fitting.
3. Syringe is filled while on the pole by drawing plunger out from rear of pole.
4. Injection is made by gently depressing plunger (with thumb) from rear of pole.


This product is intended for use in accordance with all local or state regulations that may exist in your area.

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Dimensions: 47" Length
Weight: 2.03 lbs. (.92 Kg)
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole - 12cc (47

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