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Audio Module for Sparrow "Trap Door" Bird Trap

Product Code: TT-SP25

Price: $55.00

The Audio Module for the Sparrow "Trap Door" bird trap lets you add a proprietary sparrow song which has proven to attract more birds. The call operates on an intermittent basis so birds don't get used to it. There are ten different programs to choose from. The Audio Module is powered by three AA batteries (included) which will last 4-7 days. 

Use as a Preventative Measure
The Trap Door with Audio can be set preventatively to catch birds when they first arrive (before they build nests and find food and water).  Power
The Audio is powered by three AA batteries (included) which will last 4-7 days. Purchase the Power Cord for continuous use. 

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Weight: .33 lbs. (151 g)
Target Species: English Sparrow
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Audio Module for Sparrow

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