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Express IPM Hepa Vacuum - Quart capacity

Product Code: VACEXP-IPM

Price: $249.00

One of the lightest portable vacuums available, the Express Plus IPM Vacuum by Atrix†weighs only four pounds and is just over a foot long! Easy to use, the replacement cartridge filters can be installed with just a snap and without a mess. The Express Plus has a motor comparable to the larger service vacuums on the market, making the portable vacuum more efficient and capable of handling complex jobs.

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I want to take this time to tell you a little bit about Rose Pest Solutionís use of the Atrix IPM vacuums. We searched high and low to find an IPM vacuum that actually was an IPM vacuum. There are many brands on the market that claim to be IPM vacuums but are just vacuums with an IPM label attached to them. Atrix Internationalís IPM vacuums are the best I have found. They add a level of detail that other vacuums lack. They are easier to use when we are crawling around the floor ridding our customers of unwanted pests. It is very obvious that the engineers put a great deal of thought into this product. You are able to move from one area to another easily and you get the power you need to find those hidden critters. Thank you for the best IPM vacuum on the market and the professional level of service that Atrix provides.
John S. Forbes
Director of Residential Services
Rose Pest Solutions
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Express IPM Hepa Vacuum - Quart capacity

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