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#1.5 Oneida Victor Softcatch Trap - SIX

Product Code: WCS0473-6

Price: $89.95

#1.5 Oneida Victor Softcatch, double coil trap, specifically designed to humanely capture fox and similarly sized animals. This trap has a jawspread of 5 3/16" which is perfectly suited for fox captures. The jaws of this trap are covered in a non-hardening rubber and can easily be replaced. It has an inline shock spring and a swivel on the end of the chain to aid in anchoring.


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Reduces trap-induced and self-inflicted injury with this padded softcatch trap. Shock-absorbingspring with swivel means that the trap rotates with the animal. Grips wet fur without slipping.

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Dimensions: 5 3/16" jawspread
Target Species: Fox, Raccoon, Skunk
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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#1.5 Oneida Victor Softcatch Trap - SIX

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