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#3 Oneida Victor Softcatch 4 coil Trap - SINGLE

Product Code: WCS0674-1

Price: $27.50

#3 Oneida Victor Softcatch, 4 coil trap, specifically designed to humanely capture coyotes and similarly sized animals. This trap has a jawspread of 5 15/16" which is perfectly suited for coyotes. The jaws of this trap are covered in a non-hardening rubber and can easily be replaced.


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From our own personal experience, another suggestion we can make to improve the performance of this trap is replace the stock pan and dog assembly with a Paws-I-Trip system specifically engineered for the #3 Softcatch trap.
The Paws-I-Trip system gives you a much heavier and robust dog which will not bend when a capture is made, it also has a raised dot on the end of the dog so you hear a distinctive "click" as the pan is pulled down into the proper position (night latched).  The Paws-I-Trip pan when set in the proper position, because of its' engineering, delivers 2.5 lbs. of pan tension to reduce non-target captures.

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#3 Softcatch 4 coil (Closed)        #3 Softcatch 4 coil (Bottom)

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Dimensions: 5 15/16" jawspread
Weight: 3 lbs.(1.36 kg)
Target Species: Coyote, Bobcat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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#3 Oneida Victor Softcatch 4 coil Trap - SINGLE

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