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New Jersey Fox Snare

Product Code: WCS105DS

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New Jersey Fox Snare, constructed of 42" of 7x7 5/64" galvanized aircraft cable. It utilizes a Micro Lock with a Universal support collar (wammy), and a #9 swivel for anchoring. A deer stop which is permanently set to restrict loop closure to not less than 2 1/2" in diameter.  A Loop limit stop, set to restrict loop maximum loop of 12" in diameter makes this a legal snare for use in New Jersey. Perfect for raccoon and fox,  too short for coyote.

Deer Stop: A standard deer stop makes a 2 ½" diameter loop. The deer stop allows a leg caught deer to pull its leg back through the snare, and allows you to re-set the snare. Check your state's regulations when it comes to deer stops, some states require them, some don't, and some have specific diameters the deer stop must be set at. This is also a live catch stop for fox.


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Dimensions: 42" L - 7 x 7 5/64 cable
Target Species: Fox,Raccoon
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New Jersey Fox Snare

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