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Bal-Chatri Noose Trap - Extra Large

Product Code: WCS5025

Price: $149.95

We now offer a larger size Bal Chatri trap that is excellent for trapping the largest Red tail hawks, Ferruginous hawks or Great horned owls. This new trap is longer and taller to accommodate larger bait birds or animals. We have also added a side opening door to make it easier to put bait animals inside. The over size of this trap is 18" long x 10" wide x 9" tall and comes with 40 to 50 camo color nooses made from 35lb monofilament line with 3" nooses. We have included two 18 inch long ½" rebar to help weight the trap down. This size trap is large enough to put Squirrels into for trapping Ferrugious hawks or Great Horned owls. Our traps have a second interior row of wire mesh to keep bait animals from chewing on the nooses. Our largest BC trap comes with a side door for putting larger bait animals inside. 

Note when trapping it is a good idea to use a plastic tie wrap to lock your bait door, even though we have a wire locking spring on it.


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Dimensions: 18" L x 10" W x 9" H
Weight: 4.30 lbs. (1.95 Kg)
Wire Gauge: 16 gauge

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Bal-Chatri Noose Trap - Extra Large

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