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Spray Away ELITE II by Havahart

Product Code: WCS5268

Price: $179.99

The Spray Away Elite II by Havahart is a motion detector sprinkler animal repellent system that is water-based and works by detecting an animal's heat and movement with infrared sensors.  Once detected, the system releases a sudden burst of water to scare the animal away.  Solar charged battery included.*

*May need to charge unit for 3 days in full sunlight prior to use. See product instructions for more information.

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  • HOSE-FREE!! Flexibility to place it anywhere
  • Safe, Humane, Effective  Scares animals away with random bursts of sound & water, conditions animals to avoid the area
  • Eco-friendly No need for running water & it's solar powered
  • Covers 1,900 sq. ft.

An adjustable sensitivity detector and random spray pattern prevents animals from growing accustomed to the sprinkler.  Instead of a hose, it utilizes a water basin that holds 3.5 gallons of water and lasts for approximately 35 activations.  The basin can be buried for discreet nuisance animal protection.

The Spray Away Elite provides Broad Control for All Kinds of Critters and in any area.

Effective for Deer, Dogs, Cats, Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Rabbits, Squirrels, Birds (pond protection), Groundhogs and much more.

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Spray Away ELITE II by Havahart

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