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Alaskan Guide To Successful Wolf Trapping (DVD)

Product Code: WCSAGSDWT

Price: $24.95

Finally, after years of filming and months of production work, the Alaska Trappers Association presents the definitive visual guide to trapping and snaring the largest and most powerful and smartest of the North American furbearers. These experts bring you information that it would otherwise take literally a lifetime to learn.

The Alaska Trappers Association shows you how to construct, select and modify the trapping gear, prepare and clean traps and snares, and make the sets that consistently take wolves in open areas and in deep snow conditions. 

Wolves are now common in several states. Be ready when your state regains management authority and sets a regulated trapping season. This DVD shows you not only the "basics", but also the "tricks of the trade".

Come along with the ATA on Alaskan traplines and learn what it takes to catch wolves !

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ISBN: 978-0-9791608-2-0
Dimensions: 34 minutes
Target Species: Wolf,Predators
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Alaskan Guide To Successful Wolf Trapping (DVD)

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