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Adjustment of Leg Hold Traps by Charlie Dobbins

Product Code: WCSALHT

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Adjustment of Leg Hold Traps by Charlie Dobbins tells and shows you how to get your traps from "maybe it will work",  to a piece of equipment you can have confidence in. This book  is for the professional as well as the hobby trapper. This book  doesn't show you how or where to set your traps. This book is  purely about making your foothold traps better functioning pieces  of equipment, beginning with the chain and the swivel.
Very few factory production traps come out of the box without some amount of adjustment required. Adjustment of leg Hold Traps covers coilsprings, long springs, jump, and stoploss type traps. This invaluable book shows you how to adjust them to deliver superior performance and increased productivity.  You will capture and hold more animals with properly adjusted traps.

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Dimensions: 86 pages, Illustrated
Target Species: General
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Adjustment of Leg Hold Traps by Charlie Dobbins

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