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Animalistics: Trapping Eastern Coyotes with Darin Freeborough (DVD)

Product Code: WCSATEC

Price: $29.95

Join professional trapper Darin (the “Animal”) Freeborough on his eastern coyote line.  This instructional video was filmed in Pennsylvania in the Allegheny Mountains under live, true-catch scenarios!  No catches are staged!  This is life in the wild as it happens!  You’ll get to know the “Animal” as a neighborhood buddy you want to hang out with!  He’s an average guy like you who really knows how to stack them up!  He will cover all aspects of trapping canines and has a game of “Counting the catches” while you watch it!
This is a cut above the average trapping video.  Of course, there are many coyotes, red fox and grey fox catches, but also several Pennsylvania fisher and bobcats!  Darin works a full-time job but runs long-lines from the first day of season until the last.  Trapping everyday for four months each year can teach you a lot about animals, and Darin is going to share all of it with you.  The man really loves being out there in the woods.  If you want to learn what it takes to catch canines, you need to spend time with an outdoorsman, and Darin is your man! It would be difficult to find anyone in a community location who knows more about animals and the outdoors than the “Animal.”  This two-hour DVD will keep you on the edge of your seat!  Darin wanted to create a video that is just as entertaining as it is educational.  He is continually describing what you need to know to be successful while giving you great angles of his sets so you can really see what is going on.  You’ll be up right up close to the action and will enjoy what he has to show you.

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Dimensions: 120 minutes
Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Animalistics: Trapping Eastern Coyotes with Darin Freeborough (DVD)

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