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Bridger 160 Magnum Body Grip Trap - SIX

Product Code: WCSB160-6

Price: $59.00

The Bridger #160 Magnum Bodygrip Trap has an open jawspread measuring 6" x 6", double springs, and safety hooks. Good for raccoon, skunk, marten, fisher, etc. This lethal trap captures the animal around the neck and body when the animal passes through it. Typically, this trap is meant to be submerged in water, in or on a structure or in an enclosed box, eliminating the possibility of non-target captures.


All Bridger 160s come with the "Magnum Bend" in their jaws for smaller clearance when closed. Additionally, they are equipped with heat treated springs for enhanced strength and extended life, RK Super Safeties, a Spring Ring attached the one spring, and swivels on each end of the chain.

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Dimensions: 6" x 6" jawspread - Dbl. Spring
Target Species: Raccoon,Skunk,Marten,Fisher
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Bridger 160 Magnum Body Grip Trap - SIX

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