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Baron's Brand Groundhog Heaven Trailing Scent - 4 oz.

Product Code: WCSBBCR

Price: $6.50

Groundhog Heaven (formerly Chuck Roads) Trailing Scent for woodchuck & skunk was developed originally to assist groundhogs in finding the trap entrance. Although quite different than Rebel Rodent in composition, its attractiveness is in fact quite comparable. Just lay a trail from the hole or travelway into the trap.

Urine, bait and lure can be used alone or in combinations to help you trap. Urine is especially helpful, along with bait and lure, in attracting Woodchucks.

Tip: When trapping woodchucks in live traps, layering the bottom of the trap with dirt or fresh greens seems to improve success.

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Target Species: Woodchuck,Groundhog,Skunk
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Baron's Brand Groundhog Heaven Trailing Scent - 4 oz.

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