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330/280 Bulls Eye Triggers - Stainless

Product Code: WCSBET330

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Bullseye Triggers for 330/280 sized bodygrip traps. These triggers are made of heavy duty stainless wire (.104) and come complete with the hardware to replace your stock trigger. This "circle" trigger has a diameter of 6.5", however can be sized to your liking opening or closing the circle. These wires will not rust, and will withstand years of use without breaking.
If you'd like to hold the circle to a certain diameter all the time, you can simply thread each end of the stainless wire through an aluminum 3/32" double ferrule and crimp it where you want !

You virtually eliminate refusals to pass through this "hole" as is common with conventional straight trigger wires.

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Dimensions: 6.5" Diameter - Stainless
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330/280 Bulls Eye Triggers - Stainless

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