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Beaver Hoops

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Beaver Hoops, for those who want to conveniently stretch their beaver hides on metal hoops using the sharp pointed clips (included). Simply, open the hoop and lock in position approximately 2 - 3" larger than you think the stretched hide will be. Using the clips, pierce the very edge of the hide with one end of the clip and then pull it back and hook it over the steel form of the hoop. You continue this until a clip is approximately every inch for the entire circumference of the beaver hide.  Beaver hoops allow your hides to dry faster, as the air circulates on both sides of the hide, unlike boards.
After thoroughly fleshing the beaver hide, starting with the positions of the clock; 3, 6, 9, 12, pierce the very edge of the beaver hide with one of the sharp-pointed clips and then pull back on the hide and hook the opposing point of the clip over the wire frame of the beaver hoop. Keep dividing these quadrants in half with the clips, continuing to pull the clipped hide back and clipping the opposing end of the clips over the steel frame until there is approximately one clip every inch around the entire circumference of the beaver hide. The hide should be snug, not overly tight on the hoop. Remember, it will tighten up as it dries. Each hoop includes 100 clips.

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Target Species: Beaver
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Beaver Hoops

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