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Jameson's Erminator Weasel Gland Lure

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If you want to trap weasels or need a good change-up lure for other predators, "Erminator" will provide just the attraction you need to bring them in to investigate with its alluring odor.  Field testing has proven the effectiveness of "Erminenator" not only as a weasel lure but as an exceptionally deadly fox, coyote, and cat lure as well.
Fox and coyotes are known to have great interest in weasels as a food source and, apparently, as toying objects as well.  Bob has found many at fox and coyote den sites over the years and random dead ones in coyote habitat areas. Some were chewed while others were partially eaten. Nonetheless, canines showed that they have a keen interest in the little predator. It may be due to the musk gland odor that they possess and the brief challenge that these little fighters present them.

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz. & 4 oz. sizes
Target Species: Weasel, Fox, Coyote, Bobcat
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Jameson's Erminator Weasel Gland Lure

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