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Barker's MinkPan II (fits #1 1/2's, 1 3/4's & #2's) - Dozen

Product Code: WCSBMP2-12

Price: $9.95

Barker's MinkPan II (Dozen) - Buck mink travel long distances so that many times you only have one chance to catch them.  The minkpan fastens onto the trap pan to increase the pan size.  It greatly increases the chances of a foot hitting the pan.  Extensive trapline tests showed that through the use of the minkpan, mink catches increased by 80%. Fits 1 1/2, 1 3/4, & 2 sized traps.
MinkPan Features:
  • Low Cost
  • Increased pan size - up to 150%
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Fast & Easy Assembly or Disassembly
  • Increases cometitive advantage
  • Fits all trap pan sizes

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Dimensions: 2.75"L x 2.50"W
Weight: .61 lbs. (.28 Kg)
Target Species: Mink
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Barker's MinkPan II (fits #1 1/2's, 1 3/4's & #2's) - Dozen

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