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Cottontail Cager Rabbit Lure by Bob Noonan

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Cottontail Cager contains a heavy, pungent dose of mature male cottontail rabbit glands, mixed with male rabbit urine and a curiousity ingredient.  Cottontail rabbits are extremely territorial, and will fight viciously to defend their turf. Male rabbits enter live traps readily looking for a fight, and females are always attracted to the smell of a strange male. Use on a small piece of white cloth or similar material to simulate fur, and add a fresh green leaf of cabbage or lettuce for extra appeal.

Available in two sizes 4 oz and 16 oz.

Please Note: This product is an attractant ONLY, not a poison. Not for human consumption.

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Target Species: Rabbit
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Cottontail Cager Rabbit Lure by Bob Noonan

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