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Marten Trapping with Bob Noonan (DVD)

Product Code: WCSBNMART

Price: $38.95

Bob Noonan, owner of The Trappers Post magazine, has trapped marten in Maine and Alaska, and has interviewed numerous American and Canadian marten trappers. This video is packed with detailed information from many sources and combined years of experience. It contains in-depth demonstrations of modern equipment, a fast, re-usable anchoring system, bait and lure usage, and a number of different sets, including one using extremely light, portable, inexpensive equipment.

Spend time on a marten line in the North Maine Woods. See locations, catches of marten, white weasel, and fisher; footage of a live marten and wilderness scenery and weather as winter hits the northern Maine evergreen forest. 
2 hrs. 15 mins.

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Dimensions: 2 hrs. 15 min.
Target Species: Marten
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Marten Trapping with Bob Noonan (DVD)

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