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Muskrat Love Muskrat Lure by Bob Noonan

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Muskrat Love Muskrat Lure originally formulated by Bob Noonan

A reliable, time-tested Muskrat Lure. A sweet, sharp food lure blend with several attractive natural oils and touch of musk, Muskrat Love is also attractive to raccoons. Muskrats are strongly attracted to lure and can pinpoint its source quickly. They have small home ranges, and the penetrating odor of Muskrat Love stays low, at their face level, and spreads rapidly across the water or ground, saturating their range.

Please Note: This product is an attractant ONLY, not a poison. Not for human consumption.

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Target Species: Muskrat,Raccoon
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Muskrat Love Muskrat Lure by Bob Noonan

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