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Odorless Skunk Removal by Bob Noonan

Product Code: WCSBNOSR

Price: $9.95

Throughout his long and colorful career, the iconic Bob Noonan has trapped over 1000 skunks. In this concise volume, Bob describes his foolproof method for Odorless Skunk Removal.  He covers equipment and supplies, skunk "personality", methods and techniques, and his secret recipe for a deodorizing formula.

Bob Noonan is the editor and publisher of the Trapper's Post, a national magazine serving the fur and ADC trade, and an experienced nuisance wildlife trapper.

Trapping skunks can be profitable, especially if you can remove them without them spraying.  Bob Noonan has perfected an odorless skunk removal technique that is outlined perfectly in this 24 page booklet.  Bob's  journalism skills are evident throughout - the book is easy to follow and is a great reference for all interested in the topic. 

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Dimensions: 24 Pages
Target Species: Skunk
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Odorless Skunk Removal by Bob Noonan

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