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Glass Bottles and Jars

Product Code: WCSBOTJAR

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Glass bottles and jars, in three sizes 1 oz., 4 oz. & 16 oz.. The glass Boston Rounds as they are called are for packaging liquids such as lures and oils. Each comes with a black plastic (Phenolic) cap with a plastic cone inside which ensures a positive seal on the bottle to prevent leakage.  The black phenolic caps are preferred over metal as some liquids such as skunk essence are corrosive and will result in a product spill or spoilage.

The wide-mouth glass bait/lure jars are for packing thicker, perhaps non-pourable materials such as paste lures, meat baits, fish chunks, beaver castor, etc.       

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz., 4 oz. & 16 oz. sizes
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Glass Bottles and Jars

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