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BEAVER: Live Trapping Techniques (DVD)

Product Code: WCSBVR1

Price: $24.95

BEAVER: Live Trapping Techniques features Don Lafountain, a Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) and a nationally recognized beaver control expert. Don is also co-owner of Integrated Wildlife Management, a company specializing in all aspects of nuisance beaver control. Don has 20+ years in the nuisance wildlife industry and conducts year-round beaver control projects for State agencies, Fortune 500 companies as well as private citizens in his home state of Massachusetts.
This DVD covers the following:
  • Beaver Biology
  • Proper Setting & Safely Handling the Hancock-Style trap
  • Trap Types Covered: Hancock-Style trap; Bailey trap; Cage trap
  • Set Construction
  • Baits & Lures
  • Using a Transfer Cage
  • More..

See a short video clip which details the setting of the Koro Live Beaver trap (Hancock-Style):

Click Here:    video camera

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Dimensions: 56 minutes
Target Species: Beaver,Otter
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BEAVER: Live Trapping Techniques (DVD)

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