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Coon Cuffs - Six

Product Code: WCSCC-6

Price: $95.95

Coon Cuffs have become an important tool for harvesting raccoon both for damage control and fur trapping. All Coon Cuffs are set and inspected at the factory to ensure the trap functions perfectly and you are getting the very best trap possible.  The casing of the trap, the spring and the trigger wire have a lifetime guarantee, with the exception of corrosion. This trap is one of the easiest to set!

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The Coon Cuff is triggered by a "pushing" action on the trigger wires. Check all applicable State Laws.


Just a note to say thanks for building such a great coon trap. As you know, Gary and I have been using them forever with great success. There are so many places we could not trap without the Coon Cuff because of extremely high foot traffic. For the past decade Gary and I have been setting the traditional way, burying them, making them virtually undetectable to the public. (Note: not one Coon Cuff stolen in these high traffic areas in a decade.) Last season we experimented with some different ways to set the Coon Cuffs and came up with something that worked great. We put the Cuffs in large juice cans, then just slide a T-bar stake through the end swivel and push the stake down until the T part holds the trap and can snuggly to the ground. This set takes less than 30 seconds to make and can be made anywhere. This set was extremely successful late in the season. In February when the snow was blowing and the temps barely made it out of the teens Gary and I went out and caught over 100 coon while most people had long given up.  Once agian, thanks for the Coon Cuffs !!

Shane & Gary
Rock Creek Fur Co.
Wahoo, NE 

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Weight: 2.30 lbs. (1.04 Kg)
Target Species: Raccoon
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Coon Cuffs - Six

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