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Calling the Elusive Coyote with Vern Howey (DVD)

Product Code: WCSCECVH

Price: $34.95

Calling the Elusive Coyote with Vern Howey: Speaking the language of the coyote is an art that professional caller Vern Howey has been practicing for over 35 years. During this period of time he has come to develop and understand coyote behavior and vocalization.
"Calling the Elusive Coyote" contains a wide range of information critical to the success of calling coyotes. In this video Vern explains the various types of "prey calls" on the market and then demonstrates various methods of use. He also speaks in detail about the importance of pitch and volume in your calling. Vern explains the importance of selecting a "stand" and its' role in successfully calling a coyote to you. He'll discuss the importance of terrain and the best types of locations to make your "stand", along with the importance of camouflage. He also describes the various types of ammunition on the market and its role in bagging the elusive coyote.

And finally, you'll see the elusive coyote called in, up and close, as Vern demonstrates these same techniques he's shared with you in this video. Calling the Elusive Coyote is a video you'll want to watch and experience.

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Target Species: Coyote,Fox,Predators
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Calling the Elusive Coyote with Vern Howey (DVD)

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