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Don Powell's "Mink After Mink On Purpose" DVD


Price: $49.95

Don Powell's "Mink After Mink On Purpose" DVD gives you a different perspective on mink trapping.  This 3 DVD set will help you make catching mink a regular occurrence instead of a special event.  This DVD set contains over 5 1/2 hours of course study, with over 25 types of sets and 14 universal mink truths.

Most trappers don't know how easy mink are to catch when you understand their habits.  Learn these sets and strategies used by top mink trappers and you will catch mink after mink on purpose.  Invest in yourself and the knowledge gained in this DVD set will pay you back morning after morning.  The mink you find each time you check your traps will make you realize that this DVD set was a good investment.

Live footage of wild mink caught on trail cameras show the mink in its natural habitat.  Plus, clips of Ruth Les Killer, Powell's captive mink, will add to your understanding of the ways of the mink.

See what the mink sees as underwater footage tells the story of the baited bottom and bottom edge sets.  Powell covers over 25 different types of sets suitable for ponds, streams and marshes.  This footage includes strategies for before and after freeze ups, floods and blizzards.  By covering all the tiers a mink travels you will learn to catch mink.  Small incremental changes can make a big difference in your catch number.

This DVD set will aid you in the development of your trapline and help you form your own plan and strategy to catch mink after mink on purpose.

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Dimensions: Over 5.5 hours in length
Target Species: Mink
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