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Annihilation of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver (DVD)

Product Code: WCSDWL1

Price: $39.95

Annihilation of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver is a proven method of  trapping beaver and cleaning them out FAST! This  technique is the best open-water system for nuisance trapping on the  market, and will catch even the smartest of trap-shy beavers!

Many trappers have a hard time catching educated beavers, resulting in time wasted on checking ineffective trap sets, and therefore creating an overall loss of profits. On the other hand, David's method allows you to clean out beaver colonies of 6-8 beavers within 2-3 days, using only four sets !

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Dimensions: 110 minutes
Target Species: Beaver,Otter
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Annihilation of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver (DVD)

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