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Easy Gopher & Mole Control without Poisons (DVD)

Product Code: WCSEGC

Price: $21.95

Easy Gopher & Mole Control without Poisons is a Step-by-Step tutorial on effectively setting the Cinch Gopher Trap. 

This DVD focuses on Cinch surface trapping methods, setting the Cinch trap and many other tips on controlling gophers and moles without the use of poisons. This is a 60 minute DVD that includes a basic biology section as the key to deterring and trapping as well as a focus on using the cinch trap for gophers and now moles. A must for anyone who wants to control gophers quickly and effectively.

This DVD includes informational sections on:
  • Eliminating tedious digging
  • Small footprint: Non destructive to landscapes/gardens
  • No poisons: Safe for all kids, pets, wild animals
  • Non-toxic for farming, organic gardens, and vineyards
  • Surface Indicators for easy spotting of gopher catch
  • Humane gopher elimination
  • Safe and effective tools for any user

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Dimensions: 60 minutes
Target Species: Mole,Gopher
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Easy Gopher & Mole Control without Poisons (DVD)

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