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WCS Flyer Funnel

Product Code: WCSFF01

Price: $21.95

There is absolutely nothing else on the market like the WCS™ Flyer Funnel. The Flyer Funnel attaches to a standard 18x5x5 squirrel-sized, cage trap (not included) using plastic wire ties or dog clips to create a "multiple catch" trap for flying squirrels. The 4 wings (flanges)on the end allow you to secure the Flyer Funnel over a hole on a structure. You bend the 4 wings over and around the hole and secure them to the building using dry-wall screws and washers to hold the mesh in place.



The spring-loaded one-way door allows flying squirrels into the trap, but won't allow them to go back into the structure. Once squirrels are captured, simply disconnect the trap from the Flyer Funnel, the spring-loaded door of your squirrel trap will close for quick removal. If you believe there may be more flying squirrels in the structure, simply plug another trap into the Flyer Funnel. No need to disconnect it from covering the hole until the job is completed.

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Mesh Size: 1" x .5"
Wire Gauge: 16 Gauge
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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WCS Flyer Funnel

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