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Wildlife Forensic Field Manual

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The Wildife Forensic Field Manual 4th edition 2012 was edited by Danny N. Walker, PhD, RPA Assistant State Archaeologist, Wyoming Dept. of State Parks and Cultural Resources and William J. Adrian, PhD, Wildlife Researcher (retired), Colorado Parks and Wildlife. (222 Pages)

From the FORWARD: ..."In 1976, the Association of Midwest Fish and Game Law Enforcement Officers (AMFGLEO) established a committee dedicated to wildlife law enforcement research.  The goal was to provide the field enforcement officer with usable techniques for determining time of death, species identification, and other information to facilitate collection and preservation of evidence for use in wildlife conservation cases." 

This manual, originally known as the "Blue Book", continues to evolve and expand on procedures developed and used by you, the wildife enforcement officer and your counterparts in wildlife forensics. The updated 4th Editions of the Wildlife Forensic Field Manual will be a valuable tool in your day-to-day field enforcement and laboratory activities to protect, preserve and enhance the wildife resources of your state, province or country.  Robert P. Thompson, Executive Secretary AMFGLEO, April 2012

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Wildlife Forensic Field Manual

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