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Full Metal Jacket Trap and Snare Dip

Product Code: WCSFMJ

Price: $24.95

Full Metal Jacket by Predator Control Group is a clear, acrylic polymer for dipping and protecting traps from rust.  Predator traps, land body-gripping traps and snares can be dipped and still used 3-5 months later without rust to deal with. It seals in the odor and stops the rust from giving equipment away to animals. While testing Full Metal Jacket, Clint Locklear recorded a 6 to 1 catch ratio over dyed traps. Over 60 footholds can be dipped per gallon. No need to add anything, just dip and go. Store unused Full Metal Jacket in a tight sealing, clean, 5 gallon container.

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Dimensions: 1 Gallon
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Full Metal Jacket Trap and Snare Dip

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