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Fogmaster Jr.

Product Code: WCSFOG

Price: $110.95

The Fogmaster Jr. is constructed of corrosion resistant materials. Twist the  power head to detach the tank and pour in the solution. Another half twist and you're ready to go. A switch located on the handle to run. Adjust output size  droplet, from a fine light fog to a coarse mist, with the rotary valve. This is a great sized fogger for smaller applications, (i.e., one room, garage, a crawl space, etc.)

The Fogmaster Jr. holds one quart of liquid and is perfect for small to medium sized odor control needs.  It's compact size makes tackling odor problems a breeze.  Particle Size is 15-40 microns, adjustable.  Discharge Rate is 0-4 oz [120 ml] /min, adjustable.  Motor 1/4 Hp, 120VAC 50/60 Hz, 3 Amp; 240VAC, 1.5 Amp. 

Material construction: 

  • Nozzle and Housing - nylon
  • Tank - polyethylene
  • Tubing - fuel and oil resistant vinyl
  • Fittings - brass

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Fogmaster Jr.

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