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Fresh Wave Continuous Release Gel

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Fresh Wave naturally eliminates odors. No masking fragrances, no harsh chemicals. Fresh Wave attracts, captures and neutralizes odors--leaving a clean, natural-smelling environment. Fresh Wave's parent company has been solving hard-to-solve industrial odor problems around the world for over 15 years. They developed an innovative product with an active ingredient (Ecosorb) that controls the full spectrum of odors using natural, organic compounds.
Airborne odors don’t stand a chance.
Non-toxic Fresh Wave® IAQ gel is designed to eliminate odors in the air. The continuous release formulation of the gel works around the clock to provide constant, 24/7 odor elimination. This is especially effective for combating persistent odor problems that may not be avoidable or correctable. To use, add Fresh Wave IAQ gel to a shallow pan and allow ambient airflow to do the rest.

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Fresh Wave Continuous Release Gel

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