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12vDC Accessory Kit for Goosebuster

Product Code: WCSGB-12

Price: $100.00

The DC Timer Accessory for Goosebuster adds precision timing control and flexibility to the GooseBuster operating schedule in applications where electricity is unavailable and the device is powered by a solar panel and 12v DC batteries.  The 24-hour dial has quarter-hour divisions and AM/PM indications. 

The 24-Hour dial has quarter-hour divisions and AM/PM indications.  The time switch is programmed by pushing the captive trippers to the outer ring position for the entire period that the load is to be turned “ON”, i.e., fifteen minutes for each tripper on the 24-Hour dial. When the tripper is pushed to the inside, the switch is in the “OFF” position. 

DC Timer Features:
  • 24-hour cycle – repeats daily
  • Captive trippers with 15-minute intervals
  • Synchronous drive or quartz drive with battery backup
  • True clock face, easy-to-set
  • 3-way manual switch override
  • Compact size
  • ¼” quick-connect terminals
  • Noise immune – ideal for robust applications

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12vDC Accessory Kit for Goosebuster

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