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Hercules Putty

Product Code: WCSHP01

Price: $13.95

Hercules Putty is black adhesive putty that will not run in the hottest  weather and still hold a glue trap containing a one- pound Norway Rat.

This putty can also be used on aluminum and vinyl sided houses, where you can't use staples or screws to attach bat netting.  Just a small amount of WD-40 works well as a solvent to remove any residue on siding or other surfaces.  Be advised, oxidized aluminum siding  will look "cleaner" when the Hercules putty is removed.

Research by expert animal behavior scientists has proven that most glue traps will hold small immature rats up to 170 grams. Wild Norway Rats have the weight and strength to drag or flip glue traps  over and then pull themselves off the traps.  Catchmaster has determined that with the use of Hercules Putty (placed onto each corner of glue traps), the  traps will hold a full pound, (454 gram), wild Norway Rat.

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Dimensions: 15' roll in length (4.6 meters)
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Hercules Putty

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