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1/2" 2-Prong Drags w/ring (Grapple)

Product Code: WCSKBD3

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These are the "Beast" of 2-Prong Drags.  Made from 1/2" cold-rolled steel, each with a 1 1/4" ring for easy attachment to the trap chain.  Can be used on mink traps as both an anchor and a drag, or such animals as fox, coyote, bobcat, etc. where you want the animal to get "away" from the trap site so as not to destroy it.
Drags are also great in potential high traffic areas where you'd like to get your captured animal out of sight of onlookers.  Animal is allowed to travel away from the trap location, but will tangle in nearby brush, weeds or high grass for easy retreival.  Drags are NOT well suited for large open landscapes.

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Dimensions: 9.5" L x 9 3/8" W
Wire Gauge: 1/2" Diameter
Target Species: Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Raccoon, Mink

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